Encrypted Voice and Text without Logging

1) Download Mumble 1.3.0 snapshot 2586 ( windows 64 bit ) vt or Mumble 1.3.0 snapshot 2569 ( Mac OS X ) vt

or latest 1.3 snapshot from the Mumble Wiki

2a) Click Globe Icon, Click Add New

2b) Address: voids.org ( It says IP, but it also means hostname )

Port: 64738 ( default, leave this alone )

Username: ( Your Desired Username )

Password: ( leave this blank )

3)     If you plan to create or manage channels, then disconnect, go to the Certificate Wizard, create a cert, save it somewhere, then connect as that user.

In the top menu, click "Certificate Wizard" and export current certificate to your Documents directory
( to back up your identity, you can have multiple, each uses it's own cert. )

4)     Reconnect to the server, then in the "Root" channel, right mouse click click your username and click "Register". Then right mouse click on the root channel and "Add ..." a new channel. Optionally, set a password on your channel or sub-channels under that channel.

Server is version 1.3.0 and you should use the latest 1.3.x client snapshot.

Documentation: Mumble Wiki

Server is limited to:

  5000 users, 500 per channel.
  94000 kbits / second for voice + positional audio

There is no service level agreement on this server. Uptime and performance is "best effort".
If the server crashes, wait a couple mins and try to reconnect. If it stays down, use another server in the list.

This server is not and will not be listed in the global list.

If someone is annoying, please just Ignore / Mute them. Please do not expect a moderator to police anyone.


Q) Is anything logged.
A) Only your IP when connecting and the username. Logs are shredded automatically after two (2) days.

    Note: Discord brags about saving all CHAT logs forever using Cassandra. Their bots connect from Google.

Q) Can anyone intercept the voice channels?
A) No, voice is encrypted end-to-end. That is why the server can run on a tiny VM.
    It does not have to encrypt or decrypt the voice channels.
    I could stand up a new VM every time it reaches a few thousand users. 1GB ram, 1 vCPU. This could run on a RasPi.

Q) Can anyone intercept the text or file transfers?
A) If the VPS provider dumped the memory of the VM at the time of the transfer, they would get the tranfers in progress at that time.
    Admins can not see anything aside from what you share in a public channel that they happen to be in. Encryption uses PFS.

Q) Are there any rules?
A) Yes. You manage your own channels. Password protect them if you wish. If someone is being a dork, just mute and ignore them.

Q) Why isn't there a happy click web interface like Discord?
A) That is work in progress. You could follow the progress on mumbles forums if you are interested.
    Mumble Forums

Q) Is voids.org affiliated with Mumble?
A) No, it is just a random domain I registered. I register domains every time someone says a catchy term.

Q) Can anyone run a Murmur / Mumble server?
A) Yes! ANYONE can run a Murmur server ( the server Mumble connects to ).
    You could even run it from your home PC if you forward it's TCP and UDP ports.
    From home, you will only be able to handle a few people being connected unless you have fast uplink speed. (Fios, etc)